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We don’t know what kind of career you have in mind. But we know you can find the right entry opportunity with us. Let’s Be Remarkable.

For Pupils

On the way to a remarkable future. You are about to create your first concrete plans concerning your professional future? At SahiGroups, we offer you many different working fields and career paths — and we provide individual possibilities to enable you to turn your passion into real innovations. Why don’t you try it out during an internship or begin an apprenticeship with us after you have finished school ?

For Students

Lay the foundation of tomorrow. You might not know how, but one thing is for sure: You want to shape the future with your ideas. At SahiGroups, you have the chance to gain deep insights into different working fields already during your studies. Join us for an internship, as a working student, or take part in our talent program and realize great innovations with us.

For Graduates

Start your career with us. You’ve successfully completed your degree and are now looking for a challenging entry position that offers good prospects worldwide? With our Talent Program, you learn to lead projects or teams to success. Or focus on your specialist knowledge and choose our Graduate Specialist Program to delve into the subjects you are passionate about — potentially even in the context of your doctorate.

For Professionals

Where your experience has a future. Whether in the field of the Internet of Things, e-mobility, or sustainable buildings — at SahiGroups, you are part of innovative solutions that promote the quality of human life. We offer you a great variety of working fields worldwide, attractive work time models and provide all the support you need to develop your knowledge further.